RSS-Feeds, Web-Archives, Instapaper

Among many other things, I use DPO to archive several RSS feeds, the ones for my Instapaper folders among them.
The only thing that reaches DEVONthink is the URL to the source, i.e. not to the instapaper’d version of the text, but the original with the advertising and all the rest.

Is there a simple way to archive these in Instapaper format? DEVONthink already makes use of the Instapaper Mobilizer, but only in the browser plugin from what I can tell.
Would it be possible to bring it into the programm itself? Maybe even make it the default for archived web pages?
It would be great to read all the archived stuff in Instapaper form, without having to open the source page and then manually import the page back using the plugin (which often doesn’t work for articles that span multiple pages).

I don’t believe any Instapaper-accessible client (e.g., Read Later, the Instapaper apps) provides for export in Instapaper-readable form – even printing is excluded. My guess is that if Instapaper permitted this use, it would soon find itself blocked by most publishers.

That said, you could write a script that takes in all the RSS articles and outputs Instapaper-format PDFs, etc.

I’m looking for the same solution!