RSS feeds

Can I subscribe to the devonthink support forum using RSS feeds via Devonthink, so that I can read new postings and also answer to posts directly in devonthink? I have not found out the RSS feed url of devonthink threads…

You can try: feed://

This works, but I see all postings in one list. Isn’t it possible to import threads with a folder/subfolder structure, to have a better overview?

Can I answer to a posting in an RSS feed directly within devonthink?

No. You can target a specific section by appending the forum number, like so: feed:// points to the Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting section.

No. The feed articles are the same as any other feed articles. They are just a pointer to the actual page, ie. on our Forums.

somewhere else in the forum you have written that it is possible to answer to a devonthink forum posting (RSS feed?) directly within DTPO… how can I do this?

You can’t respond to an RSS article. That’s just a summary pointing to an article on a site.
If you click on the title in the RSS article, it should open the actual page in DEVONthink. If it’s an RSS article for this site, it would open in the Forums and you’d read and respond as you would in any browser.

I tried to do as you said… but even when clicking on the title of an RSS article within DTPO of an RSS-posting of the devonthink forum, I do not see any possibility to enter my response to a forum posting.

Please start a Support Ticket.

after activating javascript in DTPO now everything works fine