RSS Limits on Devonthink 3Pro


I have been using Devonthink for at least 5 years and only recently discovered that DT has RSS functionality.

With that in mind, I added the RSS feed of my website:
(merecivilianDOTcom/rss/) (not allowing me to paste link)

The issue I have is that DT only picked up articles dating to July 2020. I have articles prior to that date (from 30 April 2020) which was not picked up. Does DT place limits on articles within an RSS feed?

I am not sure why DT isn’t picking up all articles within the feed.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Depending on the settings in Preferences > RSS older articles might be skip. But you could try to lock the feed and to refresh it (via the contextual menu).

Please see image of my RSS preference:

And how does one lock the feed?

E.g. via Data > Mark, via the contextual menu or via the Info panel/inspector. What’s the URL of the feed?

This forum is not allowing me to post the feed.

My website is MereCivilianDotCom

I locked it as you suggested and refreshed the feed. Still no luck :frowning:

I just downloaded the feed, it contains 15 items. And that’s what DEVONthink added to its locked feed too after refreshing.

It appears the feed is not showing all the articles on the website. this is not an DT issue. Some issue with my site.

I just loaded up the feed on Netnewswire and same issue.

My sincere apologies.

That depends on your feed. A Feed is an XML containing metadata. You set in your website how many old items will be in the feed.

Then, the application that reads the feed checks stored feeds against the new feed and shows new ones.

If you add a new fedd to an application, it will take all ones that are in the feed xml, not more. BTW, it is not recommended to set feed containing too much items.

Of course you can post a link her (see the two chain links in the mini editor’s toolbar).

New users can’t immediately post links (to avoid spam).

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Thanks for pointing that out. I was wondering why this issue pops up regularly.