RSS Page Duplicates and Triplicates

Firstly, I really love the RSS feature in DT Pro Office B2. I have one problem though, and I am sure it is not a fault of the DT application, but I am looking to find a way to resolve this.

If you wish to test the problem, here is a feed URL for one of the feeds I am having trouble with;


What is happening is that using the above feed URL, I am receiving multiple copies (triplicates in this case) of the same html documents from three different feed providers (albeit at different time intervals), in this case, they are;

Occasionally the triplicate document file sizes may vary fractionally, but as far as I can tell, they are identical. Is there any filtering mechanism, script or other method I can use so that I only have one copy of each new page, without laboriously deleting them one by one?

I am obtaining the original feed URLs by clicking on the respective page RSS icon in the Safari address window (if that makes any difference), and only a few of the feeds have this issue.


I’ve just tried this but couldn’t reproduce it - does it still happen in your database?

Hi Christian,

I think two of the feeds may have been corrected, but if you could test the feed on the following page for duplicates;

There are currently four feed URLs which have given, or are giving multiple copy results, and this may well be due to how the feeds are set up on the respective sites. I have taken screenshots of these RSS feed results (more recent) in DT Pro Office 2B2 for you to have a look at;

Digital Image Magazine feed results screenshot

Design your way feed results screenshot

Imaging Insider feed results screenshot

StillAd feed results screenshot


Since Google has aquired Feedburner, URLs of news items of feeds are kind of random: Sometimes pointing to the original website, sometimes to Google’s feed proxy, sometimes to feedburner. And that’s causing the duplicates.

However, we’ll add a preference to automatically skip duplicates. That should be handy for other scenarios too.

Thanks, Christian.