RSS Performance Tips?

There are several threads regarding RSS performance with DT, and hopes for a more robust RSS infrastructure in future versions. One user suggested separating RSS feeds to a separate DB, which I’ve already done.

In the mean time, am wondering if there are any preferences that I can set, or things to fiddle with, that will result in better RSS performance. With even a medium number of feeds, the system will max out any time a feed is refreshed, showing “not responding” in the Activity Monitor, etc. This occurs with only DT running on a new 4GB MBP. Simply refreshing a feed completely hoses the system, obviously not workable in the long-run. Any tips for better RSS performance? I have the pref dialog set to only once-a-day updates right now… Thanks

What’s the exact “medium number of feeds”? And how many items does your database contain? Which feed (URL?) did you refresh and which version/edition do you use? Or could you simply export all feeds as OPML and send them to me (cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.

On its way, and thanks