RSS reader needs ability to increase font size


I have a suggestion. It would be great if the DT Pro RSS reader could increase the font (and everything else) by clicking shift - cmd- + as in

My eyes just can’t see the words very clearly. I am aware of the feed style sheet option and that we can copy and alter these as we please. But I messed around with that a while and tried to change the font size but the words become to close together with no space between. So, my attempts were just a waste of time. I think this is OK as an advanced tool, but I thought DT Pro was trying to keep advanced options to a minimum. Otherwise there are tons of advanced options you could offer (but you chose not to offer too many options so as not to make DT too confusing and overwhelming to the end user).

At any rate, my point is that I never use the RSS reader but I would like to use it (and thus make DT Pro my hub). The only problem is I can’t read the words.



Here is a link to the RSS style sheet that I created, which is a larger font that most of the ones that come with DEVONthink. Feel free to download it and add it to the DEVONthink application support StyleSheets folder, and change your RSS stylesheet preference in DEVONthink.

It is inspired by the text, background, and highlight colors of IA Writer. What it looks like onscreen:

Thanks Greg! It works great! The font and everything seems easy on the eyes and very smooth.


I just wanted to say thanks for the style sheet. I had the same problem as devananda and your style sheet looks great.