RSS Unread View screen refreshing

I have loaded many RSS feeds in DTP 2.0b4. The RSS reader capability works well enough and is convenient for moving content into a folder.

One issue is when using the Unread view and refreshes. If I am reading a RSS feed item in the Unread view and the RSS feeds are refreshed, the article I was reading is dropped from the view. It appears that the entire view is refreshed dropping ‘read’ items indiscriminately, including the one being read. The difficulty is that I may not have noticed the origin of the article and then have difficulty in finding to continue reading it.

Is this a known issue? Are there plans to stop this from occurring?

Any thought or comments on the behavior?

Have others just decided not to use DTP as their RSS reader?

I am to presume no one in Devon or the user base uses the Unread view; or no one else sees the behavior of the view and you item disappear during the checking for new items cycle … back to a dedicated RSS reader …

One workaround is to manually refresh feeds if you’re using the Unread smart group to read feeds.

I can confirm that this is still an issue in v. 2.9.10.

It is not only that the list is refreshed and items lost, but currently viewed documents is “removed” from right-hand viewer (i.e. instead of continuing to show whatever document is displayed it “refreshes” to show nothing) even if it is a document not in the list of feed documents (e.g. a link opened from a feed).

Can’t this be fixed? At least to prevent the viewing window from being refreshed when feeds are refreshed?

Any thoughts or comments on this? I can understand that preventing the documents list from refreshing might be a bigger issue, but preventing the viewed document from disappearing while reading seems to be a “bug” that could be fixed…

I would be most grateful for an update on this.