RTF and Plain Text resizing

I may have misunderstood the logic of how DTP represents RTF and Plain Text in the viewing window. I thought that how I set the plain text font in preferences would affect what I was viewing, but it seems this is not so.

The text displayed in the bottom window in the example I am pasting a screen shot of is supposed to show in 14 point, the same as the lest above it. The list responds to changing font preferences, but the bottom displayed text, does not.

Some of what I have written is in no particular format as I was just making a draft or writing notes. Some of it has been formatted and delivered in print, email attachment, etc.

One of the real values I see in DTP is reviewing and associating my ideas. The nature of the layout of DTP makes reading something on a half screen desirous of a larger font.

Of course I am not suggesting a problem with formatted PDF or other documents which will not reformat on the fly. And in fact, PDFs and formatted documents show just fine and are easily readable. But plain text and RTF are really too small to read and they seem to not respond to the settings in preferences for viewing plain text. I can go in, document by document, and resize the text but that seems a bit of a waste of my time. This is very important however, especially as I am using this DTP tool for organizing, researching, and writing and as such I have to gather all my research and be able to read my notes.

As an aside I will mention that I have enjoyed using MailMate. That email program handles this sort of thing very well and perhaps DTP does as well? I can’t see it and that is why I am posting this here, to see if I have misunderstood how this should be done? With MailMate, the window where I place my cursor responds by getting larger or smaller as I hit option-plus, or minus.

I have to do something so any tips are welcome.

RE: RTFM: The manual has lots of information such as:

That is all well and good if you understand all of it. I just want to set the window so that the text in it is readable. The user manual does not address this directly that I have been able to discover.

Thank you.

Small Text DTP.png

We should be looking at a screenshot of Preferences > General and one of Preferences > Editing, so we can see the font settings – otherwise no one can provide informed advice as to the cause.

Set a text window to “normal” size (as defined by font settings, mentioned above) by select it and pressing [size=150]⌘0[/size] (command-zeo)

Increase the text window font size by selecting it and pressing [size=150]^⌘+[/size] – you need to also be pressing shift because + is an upper case character on most keyboards

Decrease the text window font size by selecting it and pressing [size=150]^⌘-[/size] (hyphen)

If these commands don’t work because you have set your own custom shortcuts, consult the View menu for the Zoom In, Zoom Out and Actual Size commands.

All the above is covered in the Manual.