RTF and Tables = Workflow?

Brand new purchaser of DevonThink on both Mac and iOS. I am using trial and error to figure out a number of things but maybe someone can give me some insight and verification.

First: Are rtf files editable in DEVONthinkToGo?

Second: Are rtfd filed editable in DEVONthinkToGO?

Third: Are sheets editable in DEVONthinkToGo?

Fourth: Is strikethrough an option in editing in any format?

If none of these are feasible I would love some suggestions for the following:

  1. I keep a list of clients in my database sheet. When I assess a client, I want to be able to edit the sheet in my database on my iPad. What would be your workaround if editing sheets is not feasible?

  2. I do a lot of reading…I want to take notes for this reading directly into DEVONthinkToGo using the side bar pull out. I currently have each periodical set up with an rtf file. There is a picture in the file to represent the periodical. If this method is not feasible, again what would your work around be?

Thanks for your time and efforts.

RTF: Editable
RTFD: Read-only
Sheets: Read-only
Strike-through: Yes, in RTF and formatted notes (HTML-based)