RTF and Text files within DTP 'File not indexed' error

I’m just trying out DSE and so far it looks interesting…

One thing I’m not sure about though is that the “See Also” mode doesn’t seem to recognise files dragged into DSE from within DevonThink itself.

That is, if you drag in a document that is not in a DTP database, DSE will ‘see also’ documents on the hard drive, including those that are within a DTP database. But it doest work in the opposite direction – DSE seems only able to ‘see into’ DTP databases, and not ‘see out’ of them.

This seems to be a bit strange, so what am I doing wrong? I have DTP as the first category in preferences and I have run the update index command (and left it to complete) before testing.



Thank you for the feedback! This is a known bug which will be fixed by the upcoming version 1.2.

Excellent – thanks for the quick reply…