RTF documents (saved though the DT's Mac Menu Bar icon) does not keep original color formatting

I just realized that when I save a RTF document through the DT’s icon in the Mac Menu Bar (I don’t know its name) the saved document does not keep the color formatting I saved the file with. Is there something wrong my DT or is this normal?

This image shows an example of what it is supposed to look (on the left) and how it saved without the color formatting (on the right):

Left: original copied text; Right: saved RTF (through "the DT icon in the Mac Menu Bar)

I used RTF a lot bc it’s easy to color code my text, and I save a lot of citations through this DT icon.

Thanks in advance

That’s the Sorter :slight_smile:

I’m not at my Mac right at the moment.
Is this formatted text copied from somewhere or text you typed and formatted in the Sorter?

This is the icon I talk about, and this is the original format I saved as:

Captura de Pantalla 2022-08-31 a las 18.03.42

the text was copied and pasted, the saved RTF document does not keep the pasted color format :man_shrugging:

I’ll check it out when I’m back at my Mac.

PS: why is your location name so long and full of punctuation?

:sweat_smile: it’s just a way to organize myself. The punctuation is a habit I have to “code” things like: ambiguous terms, exact terms, lists, categories, quotes, own thoughts, etc. I also color code text. In this group in particular are files related to “motivation” (which turns out to be quite a broad a poorly understood concept) and other strongly connected concepts. The name of this group will shorten as its content gets organized and clarified, god willing.

Thank you for checking out this thing with the color not saving, you rock

Hi, just wondering if the colored (rtf) text does not stay when save it in the Sorter, I am very curious (and discouraged) about it. Thank you in advance

That seems to be the case. It’s a very tiny editor and as you noticed, evidently not full of features found elsewhere.

Meantime, I recommend you use a more full-functioned RTF Editor, e.g. “TextEdit” which is provided free by Apple on your macOS. Or others. e.g. Pages, etc.

To get on with things now, you can use the Menu: File → Share → Add to DEVONthink which is available in many if not all (appropriate) apps. Or save to the DEVONthink Global Inbox folder.


@aedwards : I don’t know how feasible it is to preserve the colors in the formatting from the Sorter.

The Sorter could preserve text colours however when the text can come from a variety of sources, often with unwanted foreground and background colours (i.e clipped text from a web page) saving the original text colours is not always desired. Currently on saving the text is converted to a standard foreground and background colour.


Gotcha. Thanks!