Rtf export of imported csv files

Maybe I’m missing the obvious, but when I tried to export an imported csv file I ended up with white-space formatted rtf text rather than a table.

Is there a possibility/option to export rtf files from DTPro in a table format?


Which export command did you use? The command File > Export > as Files & Folders… should create .CSV files.

I had tried the rtf export.

Now following Christian’s suggestion I did export the sheet using the File|Export|Files&Folders. This generated an xml file which I can “read”, but it doesn’t seem to be importable into other programs. In fact the xml file doesn’t contain the table, but a pointer to the original .csv file.

A bit more confused today…


What’s the name and extension of the “XML file”? And which version do you use?

The file is named “DevonTechStorage” and am using version 1.2.1


Francis, two files were generated when you used File > Export > Files & Folders to export a selected sheet.

One is called DEVONtech_storage. That file contains the metadata for the exported file(s) and would be useful if you wished to import the data into a different DT Pro database without losing such metadata as Comments, URLs, Paths, etc.

Another file was also generated, and that’s the one you really want.

To minimize possible confusion, first create a target folder in the Finder to which your export will be sent.

Go back into DT Pro, select the sheet and choose File > Export > Files & Folders, choosing the target folder you created as the destination.

Now look inside that target folder. Ignore DEVONtech_storage. Check the other file. :slight_smile:

Persuading Excel to open the .tsv text file:

In the Finder, select the text file and choose File > Open With. Change the pop-up to “All Applications”. Navigate to and select Microsoft Excel.

There’s the spreadsheet.

Couldn’t open the .tsv file in Finder, but only from Excel.

That’s beyond me, but I could open the file.

Many thanks,