RTF File can also be group/folder

Feature idea

Part of my database is organized in a strictly topical way. One project/topic/issue is a group. This group contains an RTF file with the same name as the group. In this file I write down status information, summary, next actions etc. Then there is a sub-group “References” containing mostly replicas that are of interest to this topic.

What bothers me a little bit, is that extra click I need to open the group before I can read/edit the main RTF file. It would be nice to be able to edit this RTF file simply by selecting the group.

So basically the idea is, that a group can be also a RTF file. If this ability is used and an export is performed, one would find the RTF file inside the folder with the same name as the folder.

e.g. Scrivener allows to do so (RTF files may have a double-life as folders).

Now, I have no idea if I am the only one who would use this, so maybe a little discussion can spawn from this thread to give an idea to DT if this is something worth implementing.


As I read your post it sounded like describing an app, which is really a folder with the file structure usually hidden.

So it would be very nice to be able to view the file structure as folders do now, while Cmd-clicking the folder would show an rtf view where we could write anything we want to describe.

This is an outstanding idea. Mori (in addition to Scrivener) offers this, too. Very useful.