RTF files are empty

Missing RTF

I recently transferred files from an iMac to iBook and then back again. I did this by copying the files Users/”my file”/Libraty/DEVONthink. However, on the iMac there are a large number of RTF files with size = “0”, and of course not data. How do I correct this?
Both of the DT programs in preferences for PDF & PS are set to “Link to originals” and “Use built-in pdftotext.

Any help will be appreciated.


Sorry, meant to say PDF not RTF

Maybe your user names on both machines are not the same? DEVONthink uses path names to reference the originals. So, when, for example, your user name on machine A is “eric” and on machine B is “manfred”, the pathnames work on one machine, but don’t on the other (/Users/eric/Library/… vs. /Users/manfred/Library/…).

We recommend to copy PDFs directly into the database. No such problems, just one database.