rtf highlights


I’m really appreciating the new rtf editor. I noticed now that I can highlight text in an rtf file.

However, I cannot view highlights from rtf files created on the desktop version of DevonThink. In other words, I have highlighted text on the desktop, synced to DTTG, and cannot see those highlights. Is this an unsupported feature?


So far, Apple hasn’t supported rich text in iOS.

One of our developers has done a lot of work to allow creation of rich text in DT To Go, but it’s difficult to match the full formatting of rich text on the Mac.

In order to avoid minimize any loss of formatting of RTFs when editing on DTTG, there are actually two modes, read-only and edit. Read-only uses the built-in capabilities of iOS to display the RTF (which appears to not support highlighting). Edit mode uses the new RTF editor, which does support highlighting.

While we could just use the RTF editor all of the time, it doesn’t support features such as tables, so having the read-only and edit modes seemed to be the best way to allow editing while still being able to display tables.