RTF in DTTG 1.5.4

I held off purchasing DTTG until now because nearly everything I have in Devonthink in my computer is done in RTF. After reading the assurances that this issue was resolved, I took the plunge. But it hasn’t been resolved — maybe partially but rtf in DTTG is a long way from being satisfactory.

I created a file in rtf format in DTTG but the content was so tiny I could hardly read it. I was able to change to another font (by first highlighting what I’d already written) but changing the font size had no visible effect. I tried zooming but it jumped to a huge size and when I tried to zoom back out, everything vanished. I closed the file and opened it again. What I’d written reappeared, still in miniscule size. When this file was synced to the computer, it displayed in the font and size I’d set. In other words, according to my settings when viewed on the computer but not in DTTG.

I had also created a plain text file along with the rtf file. Both of these were in my global inbox (I hadn’t yet done a sync with the computer). After I did my first sync with the computer my global inbox and all its contents disappeared — except for these two newly created files, which were included along with the items that came from the computer.

The folder synced from the computer also included a RTF file created on the computer (the rest were plain text), which displayed fine. When I tried to edit it I was informed I should create a copy to make sure the original was not damaged. I inserted a few lines in the copy, including a couple of words highlighted.

I synced with the computer again and discovered that everything in the edited document after the highlighted section was completely covered in black when viewed on the computer, except for what had been originally written in different colors. But it displays normally in DTTG.

Then I edited a second copy of the original file without the highlighting and that turned out ok.

Curiously, when I synced back to the computer the simplified rtf files I’d edited in DTTG were in the Mobile sync folder in the computer, but had also been duplicated in the Devonthink database itself. Why is that?

So you created the RTF from scratch and without any other changes in DEVONthink To Go first. And its font appeared tiny? That is unusual. How exactly did you create it? Maybe by clipping or by pasting previously copied data?

I got rid of everything I’d been syncing in Dttg because I had such a mess with files that weren’t getting synced. I decided to give myself a rest and try again later.

So I no longer have the rtf file in question. Yes, it was created from scratch and nothing pasted into it from elsewhere. I tried changing the font size of text already typed in but couldn’t. I also tried to increase the font size before starting to type, but it didn’t work.

I repeated the exercise just now and it now seems to be working as it should. I have no idea what was happening the other day. The default font size appears tiny because it is. It’s helvetica 12 pt, which displays very small both in Dttg and in Devonthink on the mac.