rtf loses text colour when dragged to different db

So, I had to manually change the text colour of quite a few rtf captures that came from a site which thinks it’s cool to display everything in reversed colours.

In order to make the text readable on a light background, I manually changed to black.

After dragging the rtf docs to a different db, imagine my shock to discover that the text was now unchanged from my editing, and back to the light grey.

Just FYI…

I’ve just checked this but couldn’t reproduce this. And of course DEVONthink 2 doesn’t modify files while copying them from one database to another. Additional details would be appreciated.

OK, I deserve 20 lashes with a cat 6 cable.

My bad, and am very sorry I wasted your time.

I see what I did - changed the colour of the text of an rtf in a three pane view and dragged into a new db before clicking off of the title and back in the original db to insure that the changes were saved before dragging.

I probably didn’t say that well - basically I changed the text and dragged into a new db before the changes had been saved. And I did it over and over again. Duh, I’m getting old.

You certainly don’t need any more wild goose chases, and my apologies again.