RTF "Send as e-mail" produces no attachment

HI, this is a problem I had in an older version of DTP Office, it seemed solved in between, but now it´s back again.

When I try to send an RTF file by e-mail as attachment out of my database there is this nice possibillity to ctrl-click and choose “send as e-mail”.

With pdfs this produces a nice attachment in an empty e-mail.
With an RTF it copies the whole text in the e-mail.

How do I get it as attachment like the pdf?

I own the latest versions of DTPO and Apple Mail.

Thanks in advance.


The original document should always be attached at the end if your mail program is supported.

yes, it does (as I see now), but it also copy the text in the e-mail (I use Apple Mail 2.1)

Is there any other solution than deleting the text every time I send an e-mail to this process?

I’m sorry but we have no plans to change this behaviour in the near future.


clear answer.