RTFD clipping in 1.7.3 under OS X 10.3 is great!

RTFD clipping from Safari to DEVONthink 1.7.3 carries over images and working hyperlinks from a Web page to a new DEVONthink content. OS X 10.3 is required to do this – one of the really neat features of Panther.

Another nice feature is that such RTFD content in DEVONthink can easily be copied and pasted into other Cocoa applications such as TextEdit and Circus Ponies NoteBook. Again, images and hyperlinks are carried over.

RTFD clipping from Safari is quick and easy. First, I jump to Safari’s Address Bar to copy the URL, jump down to the body of the page and press Cmd-A to Select All, then press Shift-Cmd-) to transfer the page to DEVONthink. Then I paste the URL from the clipboard into the new DEVONthink content. That’s it!

An advantage of capturing Web pages as RTFD instead of as HTML is that extraneous material can easily be edited out – for example, advertising images, etc. That can dramatically reduce file size, as well.

This is a Gee Whiz feature, and is really useful.

Note to Christian: Batch RTFD captures from DEVONagent to DEVONthink would be a useful feature – automatically including the URLs, of course.

Now, if I could only produce PDF output that retains working hyperlinks… ;D

It always seemed to me that this should be possible with HTML.  I believe there still exist wysiwyg HTML editors, no?  RTFD + hyperlinks sounds like an ugly approximation of HTML, when you think about it.  But I don’t know if the alternative I suggested is viable yet.  

I will note here that if I edit HTML in think, then render the results, edit, and render, artifacts result from character set issues.

Microsoft themselves is said to be switching at some point in the future to XML file formats for Microsoft Office.


Microsofts XML format is just an XML wrapper around their proprietary format. No real improvement.