RTFD Documents Not Supported by DTTG?

I created an .rtf document in DT3 and then added some images; I was prompted to convert that to RTFD, which I did.

The RTFD document works fine in DT3. However DTTG gives an error stating “Unable to download”

Are RTFD document unsupported in DTTG?

This is a known display issue which the next release will fix.

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Beyond what Criss mentioned, RTFD files aren’t editable in DEVONthink To Go.

I mostly use DTTG for reading so if I can view in DTTG what I create in DT3 that should work most of the time.

That said, Is there some alternate app I can use for viewing RTFD files on DTTG at the moment? I suspect Microsoft Word can do it, but DTTG not only fails to view RTFD files but will not even download them so I don’t think there is a way to so a Share Sheet to view it currently.

It’s not a big deal since a fix is on the horizon. Just curious if there is any workaround currently other than the obvious one to share the file to iOS outside of DTTG.

At the moment there is no workaround to download the files. That will be addressed in the next release, as Criss mentioned.

Rich text is not mobile-native and Apple chose to not support them in iOS, so supporting them requires third-party frameworks.

You can share to Readdle’s Documents, but…

  • Do not press the Save button when it first opens.
  • You can’t edit RTFD files there either.
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I guess in the interim if I know I will need an RTFD document when mobile then I will just make a PDF copy in DT3

Tried to edit RTFD file on iPad while at cafe but couldn’t, discovered this thread. Didn’t know before that RTFD can’t be edited on DTTG. Have to wait till back on Mac.