rtfd file failed to import

I’m archiving my email by selecting all the messages and saving as an rtfd file. I do this because I’d like to see the email messages as they are in Mail.app, instead of having DTPro importing them as text files and stripping the attachments. But when I try to import my rtfd file (256MB) it always fails to import. Please advise. Thank you.

A single 256 MB file is pretty huge.

When you say it fails to import, do you get a log message saying that the import failed? Or did you quit because it was taking a long time?

What happens if you try to open that file in TextEdit?

I get a log that states that it failed. It opens fine in TextEdit, though.

Such giant rtf files are currently not possible, maybe in the future when DT’s database will be file-based.

One more comment: I think you would find the approach of putting so many individual messages into a single huge file would be pretty useless, whenever you try to find a particular message.

DT Pro’s search function would simply find the huge file whenever you search for a message. Then you would have to scroll down, possibly through numerous instances of a search term, to get to the message you are looking for.

You might examine some of the forum discussions on splitting large files into individual segments. That would perform much more efficiently.