RTFD > Formatted Text > RTF still leaves RTFD?

In another thread, it was suggested I could convert an RTFD to “Formatted text” then to RTF and any images (e.g. spacer.gif) would be stripped and I’d be left with plain old RTFs. I just did that and I’m right back to RTFD, just with different GIFs. I must have done something wrong, or is it not possible to go from RTFD to a single RTF?

As I said in the other thread, “test and verify”.

Obviously it works with the file I tested, and it doesn’t work with the file you tested.

Hmmm. So no way to get to just an RTF?

(And no, it’s not necessarily obvious that it won’t work with the files I ran, hence the post.)

Follow up: After a little experimentation, I found that simply deleting the GIFs in question from the RTFD allowed me to convert directly to RTF. There’s a large grey bar where the spacer GIF was, but it’s not too much of an issue and saves me 150k <1k files being copied to a flash drive.