.rtfd problems in mac/pc

When I export a DT .rtfd file (formatted text, imbedded docs) to my mac desktop, then open it up in TextEdit, a) all the imbedded doc filenames are lost and b) the icons for each embedded file are  present, but are very large.  Any way to fix this? It just doesn’t look professional to send these files to non-DT mac users. Yet .rtfd docs are so useful!

Second, has anyone discovered a way to bridge .rtfd’s to the PC world? Seems like when I send these docs to my PC friend (only one) they can’t open it.  Ideas?  Otherwise I’m back to sending a regular text document that references files that must be sent seperately/individually.  Annoying!


  1. DT improves (like Apple’s Mail for example) the display of attachments, e.g. by fixing the icon size and displaying the icon name too. Applications like TextEdit which use only the standard Cocoa display neither fix the icon size nor display the icon name.

  2. RTFD ist a Mac OS X/NextStep/OpenStep format. I guess there’s no PC application able to read this.

One workaround is to print the RTFD file to PDF format, which PC users can read. Disadvantages: Hyperlinks in the original document will be lost, and it’s more difficult to edit PDF files.

Another workaround is to convert the RTFD to HTML. This can be done, for example, by Circus Ponies’ NoteBook application. This approach will retain any hyperlinks in the RTFD file. PC users can easily grab text and images from HTML.

Perhaps one of these days someone will create a translation utilility to convert RTFD to formats commonly used in the PC world, such as MS Word.