rubber band?

i cant find (use) the good old rubber band in DTp, to select more than one item with the mouse?
What I m doing wrong?

Thanks for help in advance

To select multiple contiguous items, select the first, hold down the Shift key, then select the last in the series.

To select multiple noncontiguous items, hold down the Command key and click on the items one at a time.

I see it’s not just me that’s noticed that click+drag to select doesn’t work. This is a standard interface element in OS X and it seems strange that DT doesn’t support it?

Thanks for the tip, but I know that, but i m on the Mac since 1991. And I m trained to select with the mouse. That works in any tool since…
As “psmyth” says: Standard GUI. My problem is, that I try instinctivly to click and select. The result is that I m allways throwing away, at least one, file to any folder I dont realize, wich one.

Unfortunatly DTp, as I said sometimes here, does not support “undo”. Not only one time. So the file is lost in any folders where the mousepointer has put it (or my awkward fingers). Searching that files is extremly annoying and time-consuming.
There are so many features, script in DTp. Also a lot very specific feature requests, I have seen here, which seems, that will be implemented in 2.0. But such basical function not.
Why not, in such a great tool?

the “click and drag” works in some views and not in others.

For example it works in vertical and horizontal spits (if you select documents, not folders), icon view and column view. It does not work in three pane view (my fav).