Run 1.3.3 in Leopard?

Forgive me if this has been answered before, as I’ve searched the forums, but was wondering whether DTPO 1.3.3 will run in Leopard?

Actually we can’t guarantee this as long as Leopard is still a beta.

See online Help, “What’s New”. In version 1.3.3 compatibility with Safari 3 and Leopard has been improved.

But remember that Leopard hasn’t been released yet, and Apple can make changes up to the last minute. So the developers can’t guarantee that version 1.3.3 may not need a further update when Leopard is released, or when Apple releases an update to Leopard.

That’s the name of the game transitioning to a major OS X upgrade. :slight_smile:

DT makes more calls to the operating system than do most applications. Which translates to more testing of a variety of OS calls, and more work to do when the OS is modified.

Rest assured, though, that a version of the DT applications will work under Leopard.

Thanks, gents. Will be looking here and on the main site shortly after Leopard is released to see what the skinny is.

Being in NZ, we are usually among the first to get OS launches, assuming it’s a global rollout on a given day (happened with Tiger). Means a midnight purchase and up all night see what’s broken.

Crossing my fingers that DTPO works fine, else I’ll go back to Tiger until the new version is available.


Please give us an update as to whether it is safe to use the various DEVON[note,think*] products with Leopard as soon as you can!

My copy of Leopard arrives tomorrow, and I hope to install it on my MacBook Pro (which is my test/development machine) on Friday for initial compatibility testing, and then on my Mac Pro on Saturday (after I create a set of full, bootable, tested backups of my existing stable Tiger installation).

Thanks in advance!

Since Apple doesn’t allow developers access to the latest version of Leopard until it ships, we cannot exactly say if it will work with the shipping version. We will release an update (that you will need) as soon after we can test it with the final release of Leopard.

I appreciate the quick reply.

So would you recommend not running DTpro with Leopard until you release an update?

As Christian and Annard noted, no one can guarantee what will happen when DT Pro 1.3.3 is run under Leopard. Leopard still hasn’t been released until tomorrow. Have there been changes in Leopard since the last developer release? Could any such changes affect DT Pro? We will know soon, but not today.

The prudent thing to do is to make backups of your databases (under Tiger) before you try. Scripts > Export > Backup Archive is a convenient tool to make external backup archives.

A friend of a friend says: “It runs wonderfully, and looks much better than under Tiger. No bugs or performance issues, and in fact seems a tad Snappier™.”

Under general Leopard notes, he adds: “Coverflow in Finder is much nicer and more useful than expected. Look forward tentatively to seeing it as an option in DEVONthink Pro 2.0, if Apple has included the capability in XCode. Immensely upset to find out that AirDisks don’t work with Time Machine, since that was why I bought the [expletive deleted] AEBS in the first place, but I’ll have my revenge on Apple somehow.”

For those who are using Asian languages with DT, you should be careful when using DT with Leopard.
Characters will be disappeared when saving the document. The bug has been tested with the final released Leopard. Tested languages were Korean and Japanese.

It looks like Leopard has already shipped to many Asian countries, and reviews are staring to post today. Many Asian users have confirmed this bug.

For those of us using the “U.S.” or “U.S. Extended” input type, are we safe even if we use unusual Unicode characters (such as “?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ©, ™, ®, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ,? ¢, €, ?, ½, ?, ¼, ?, ¾, é, î, ö, etc.”) in our note titles and text/contents?

EDIT: Most of those didn’t make it into the HTML… Still, I’m sure you’re familiar with all the odd characters available via the Character Palette.

allright i’ve updated, and everything looks good to me, i could just keep on working the way i used to after 1 hour of automatic updating. everything seems to have carried over painlessly, except for a few input managers here and there. but OSX was polite enough to inform me that it had disabled them

in fact it looks much better, DevonThink really benefited from the new modern universal look :slight_smile:

everything feels a bit snappier

quicksilver input works

firefox script menu input works

haven’t tried scanning and stuff

of course YMMV!

I think they are safe since it looks like DT cannot save 2-byte characters under leopard. The characters you listed are 1-byte characters.

Eric posted this message on the Blog yesterday, and it’s timely and important for users who depend on their DEVONtechnologies applications for work.

This is a cautionary note that you may want to wait a bit before installing Leopard if you depend on DEVONagent and your DT databases:

Waiting for Godot, ehrr, Leopard

Just a quick note for all of you who want to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as soon as it is out.

There will be issues with DEVONthink and DEVONagent that we will not be able to fix until Leopard finds it way onto the shelves. While we are a paying member of the Apple Developer Connection, the latest build of Leopard that is available to us is from September 21, 2007. Apple has not yet deployed the golden master build of Leopard to us developers, so we are now working with the latest available beta to fix whatever issues we can fix, but for some glitches we need to wait for the final version of Mac OS X 10.5.

We’re working hard to make all our applications ready for Leopard and we will release updates as quickly as possible. Stay tuned and watch this spot.

For the Pro (Office) users: are the widgets looking OK for you in the final release?

Thanks for raising that question Annard,

I’m using DTP 1.3.3 (under OS X 10.4). The DTP-Note widget keeps leaving a few letters (as left overs) on the widget from last notes, even after clearing them or re-launching DTP…


I’m seeing this issue with DEVONthink Pro as well, on a U.S. English installation of Mac OS X 10.5 (upgraded from 10.4.10). When I edit a note, view another note, and then re-open the first note, I see missing characters at the start of many lines. It appeared to only affect lines I edited, and that begin with the bullet “•” character (with or without preceding tabs/whitespace).

So far, only DEVONthink Pro appears to be affected; all of my other apps appear to be working fine so far (including Text Edit and Circus Ponies Notebook). Until this is resolved, I’ll use DTpro as a read-only resource for now (and I backed up THOROUGHLY before upgrading to Leopard, so I had no data loss), and I’ll do my editing for now with my last DTpro RTF exports.

Excellent reports that will save me from discovering them on my own.

I’m frankly a little annoyed by a vagaries in Christian’s blog post. Sounds like a politician. The best bet is to say “Using DEVONthink 1.3.3 in 10.5 will result in data corruption. We will have an update out within the next month/quarter.” The last thing that any developer needs is a bunch of angry users who feel they were mislead.

Looking very anxiously forward to 1.3.4.

I’m holding tight as well. DTPO is pretty much always open on my machine (it’s almost my main production environment given I write most things in text) so I’m not risking an Leopard install until Christian and the team are comfortable with everything.

When I am directing my scorn, however, is at Apple. Why have a developer’s program if you don’t release a GM to them in advance so they can time the release of their own updated software? Sounds like they rushed to get 10.5 out, as originally promised, and if a few developers get left behind for a few weeks/months, so be it. Kind of shabby, really. Christian: hope it doesn’t make you want to abandon the platform! nervous smile

I didn’t interpret the blog as political, but as both a warning to users and an expression of the frustration that, with the release of Leopard imminent, developers paying for participation in the Apple developer program didn’t have a copy of the final release for testing and development.

My preorder of Leopard (with an extra external HD for Time Machine) won’t arrive until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Leopard will be installed immediately on one of my computers for testing and playing with it. But I won’t install it on my primary working computer until I’m satisfied that my primary working applications won’t encounter problems. In several cases I’ll wait for updates before doing work with those applications.

Adobe tells Photoshop customers that Photoshop runs under Leopard, but there may be glitches. Filemaker has more fundamental problems and has issued a warning that Filemaker work shouldn’t be done under Leopard.

At the moment we have user reports of at least two problems, one regarding editing of Asian text and another regarding mail archiving in DT Pro Office 1.3.3. I won’t encounter the problem with Asian text per se in my own work, although I might be bitten by related issues concerning some characters. DT Pro Office will let me know there’s a problem if I try to archive Mail messages (a fix for this problem is already being tested for release).