Run 1.3.3 in Leopard?

Just to let you know that I have done a clean install of Leopard and since Friday I have been running all my databases (about 40 topical databases) intensively without any single problems magic isn’t it ! .javascript:emoticon(’:lol:’)… and no data corruption ( I have just disabled the mail conduit)

Still I had four databases protected by a password , since the new install has created a new user now when I want to open these databases the USER and the PASSWORD do not match and I do not remember my username under Tiger (as the OS had created a combination of my family and surname that I have never been able to remember)

Any idea of how to open these four databases now ? (indeed I know my password !) I can see whats inside the package and start from scratch getting all my files back into a newly created database but it would take time, there must be a way to find somewhere the original creator of the databases

I have a feeling this is a very basic question but cannot find the answer

Actually the password is a very weak protection as it is easy to go inside the database, but thats another matter, I would rather put my "sensitive " databases in an encrypted disk image …


You’re probably referring to Eric’s blog as I don’t blog (and never will) :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen. And I’m quite optimistic that we’ll be able to release a Leopard-ready release next week.

Has anyone been able to confirm that DTPO works with the ScanSnap in Leopard?

I just finished upgrading my MacPro to Leopard (archive & install) and Scansnap & DTPro Office are working OK for me. Scanning some pages doesn’t automatically launch DTPro (I think it used to but maybe I’m mis-remembering that) but if DTPro is running when the scan occurs it does the OCR and filing in DTPro just fine.