Run File Integrity Check and verify database before sync?

I saw, in the smart rules, the possibility to do something before a sync.

Would it be possible to run before a a sync a file integrity check and a verify database, and only do the sync, when these pass?

Although this might be doable using a script in a smart rule, it’s definitely not recommended as these operations are very slow. Depending on the size & number of files and the speed of volume this might last for seconds, minutes or even hours.

This would make the app unresponsive if the smart rule is executed before sync. In addition, the sync on it’s own performs a simple but fast verification of the database.

OK - makes sense. For me it is fast, but I am only starting with DT.

Anyway - how can I implement such a Smart Rule? (not doing the checks, but doing other things before a sync and do not do the sync if the comment fails?)

As smart rules can’t block the sync, the only possibility is to disable the automatic/scheduled sync completely and then to execute a script periodically via a smart rule. This script could verify the database(s) (see verify and check file integrity of commands) first and in case of success trigger the sync (see synchronize command)

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Thanks - learned something new.