Running a script from a smart rule

I copied the built-in script (as clutter free pdf) from DOWNLOAD folder to SMART RULE folder and it now appears as an option in Smart Rule. But, it won’t run from there. It runs fine from the menu but I can’t automate it to convert DevonAgent results (from FILE RESULTS IN DEVONTHINK script) to uncluttered PDF. I can’t use convert because uncluttered is not an option there.

I know that there was a discussion here about this error (1708) but that user was trying to run a script that was controlling another app.

i have tried rebooting. And tried to trigger rule during import, on creation and on demand.

For the public record, I solved this by adding these two lines at the top and bottom of the script:
on performSmartRule(theRecords)
end performSmartRule

That’s it.

Well done on helping yourself, and thanks for leaving knowledge here for posterity :+1:t3: