Running DEVONthink Pro Office Server on Port 80

I am attempting to run the web server on port 80 though I get the following error when I attempt to start it:

Error starting server: Port already in use

I have double checked that personal web sharing is off. In fact, everything under sharing is off except remote login/ssh.

When I lsof:

$ sudo lsof -i tcp
launchd     1    root    9u  IPv6 0x3855c50      0t0  TCP *:ssh (LISTEN)
launchd     1    root   10u  IPv4 0x3ee3e08      0t0  TCP *:ssh (LISTEN)
mDNSRespo  36    root   15u  IPv4 0x3ee2228      0t0  TCP *:* (CLOSED)
netinfod   37    root    6u  IPv4 0x3ee3a8c      0t0  TCP localhost:netinfo-local (LISTEN)
netinfod   37    root    7u  IPv4 0x3fe6710      0t0  TCP localhost:netinfo-local->localhost:1013 (ESTABLISHED)
netinfod   37    root    8u  IPv4 0x3fe5c9c      0t0  TCP localhost:netinfo-local->localhost:1019 (ESTABLISHED)
Directory  49    root    6u  IPv4 0x3fe6018      0t0  TCP localhost:1019->localhost:netinfo-local (ESTABLISHED)
DEVONthin 225 myname   19u  IPv4 0x3fe6e08      0t0  TCP *:* (CLOSED)
DEVONthin 225 myname   23u  IPv6 0x3855a24      0t0  TCP *:* (CLOSED)
firefox-b 269 myname   43u  IPv4 0x4195e08      0t0  TCP my-hostname.home:49156-> (ESTABLISHED)
firefox-b 269 myname   44u  IPv4 0x3ee3394      0t0  TCP my-hostname.home:49159-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
firefox-b 269 myname   45u  IPv4 0x4195a8c      0t0  TCP my-hostname.home:49161-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
lookupd   272    root    6u  IPv4 0x3ee25a4      0t0  TCP localhost:1013->localhost:netinfo-local (ESTABLISHED)

Am I missing something that would be listening on port 80?


No, you didn’t miss anything but port 80 is reserved for personal web sharing. For intranets the port shouldn’t be important as the server can be accessed via Bonjour/ZeroConf.

If you want to make the server accessible from the Internet and are using a router, you have to create a route from the router to the server anyway and therefore can use port 80 externally.

That is interesting. I was not aware of the restriction, being relatively new to Macs. Thanks for the help!

Could please someone explain me, how to create a route from the router to the server, so that the server is accessible from the Internet? Thank you very much in advance.

This totally depends on your router. But in general, you need to enable port forwarding on the router, and then set the router so that DEVONthink Pro’s port is forwarded to the IP address of the machine running DT Pro.

Do a google search on port forwarding and look in your router’s manual to figure out how to sort it out.

OK, thank you very much for the quick answer!