Running from anywhere other "Applications" folder gives erro

Running DevonThink from outside Applications folder gives error about DevonThink not being properly installed.

I don’t tend to install applications in the Apple “Applications” folder. For years, I’ve happily run DevonThink from /EinApplications/PIMS/ With the b8 release, it complains that DevonThink isn’t properly installed and offers me the opportunity to “fix” it by moving it to the “Applications” folder for me. If I say “Cancel”, it then continues to run from its normal location.

I’m pretty sure this is to discourage people from running from the disk image, but surely there must be a way to recognize that it’s a mounted disk image and not a local drive directory? Checking the application’s path should do it. If it’s /Volumes/Something/ then it’s probably a disk image unless someone’s installed it on the root of their disk? Or check for some attribute? It shows up on the desktop as a picture of a disk so Finder must recognize it somehow.

Discussed, and a forthcoming solution promised, in this thread.

Thanks. I did look through the subjects before posting and didn’t see anything striking me as obvious at the time. (-: