Running multiple searches simultaneously?

Using an 8 core Mac Pro, I’m finding my first deepest searches are actually like batch processing jobs which should be run in the background, or even overnight. Can simultaneous searches be run without interfering with one another? If so, would each need to be based on a separate search set?

Yes, you can run multiple searches simultaneously.

A search set can run only one search at a time, but you can duplicate a search set if you need to have multiple searches configured with a desired plugin set. e.g., a set checked for use of the Medical plugins set.

Depending on your Internet access speed, you might play with DEVONagent Pro > Preferences > Search concerning the Max. Connections setting. Also note that if the Log indicates skipped pages for the “too big” cause, you can increase Max. Download size.

Thanks for tips, which I’m sure will come in handy. Good to be able to tweek things.