S1300 ScanSnap Doesn't Show Up In Devices/DTPro 2.4

In fact, I cannot even click the Device option in the sidebar; it does not respond to mouse clicks. And I cannot locate instructions for adding a scanner in the updated manual.

The manual states that the updated scanning features are available with Image Capture-compatible scanners. Fujitsu doesn’t appear on Apple’s list. But the 2.4 announcement indicates that SnapScan scanners work with DEVONthink Pro.

I’d appreciate some guidance if I am missing something… :blush:

OS 10.6.8
DTPro 2.4

Install the ScanSnap Manager software on your Mac. Launch it and click on the application name in the menubar. Make certain that the option to use Quick Menu is unchecked.

Open Settings. Click on the Application tab and then choose DEVONthink Pro Office. You may want to read the Help information to become familiar with the other options.

Then insert a paper document in the sheet feeder, press the Scan button, and magic will happen.

Well, there was “magic” all right but I don’t think it is what you meant…

First, I am using DT Pro, not Office.

After selecting DTPro in the ScanSnap Manager I scanned a trial document. To my surprise, DEVONAgent Pro opened instead of DTPro. Then the following window showed up:

Software Update.png

I don’t think that I should be “upgrading” from 3.1.1 to 1.7… :open_mouth: