Safari 5.1.2 can't connect to DTPO Server (MacOS X.7.2)

I can’t connect from work to my home DTPO server anymore since I updated to MacOS Lion and Safari 5.1.2. (Connection from work is OK from another computer running safari 4 and MacOS X.4.).
FireFox 9 connects OK but can’t display the DTPO documents since they are “pdf or Apercu”.(strange…)
What do you suggest ?

Same here with Safari 5.1.3 and Lion 10.7.3 ;-(

Same thing here.

Safari accepted the address, asked me the user name password, show me the Devonthink Logo, but blank page after that.

Devonthink Pro Office 2.3.2 (fresh Install)
Lion 10.7.3 (fresh Install)
Safari 5.1.3

Hi, I had the same issue.
Once I updated to 10.7.3, it seemed fixed, on both my iMac as well as my MacBook, so the issue probably was resolved through the update.

Try that, maybe it’ll help you as well.

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