Safari As Default Browser/URLM Pro As Bookmark Application

Safari is my default web browser and URLM Pro is my bookmark application.

My question: Is there a way to designate Safari as my default browser for those times when I want to save URLs in URLM Pro? Currently I drag URLS to the desktop and then into URLM Pro, but that isn’t a very elegant method…

Can URLM Pro be made to work with DEVONagent the same way it integrates with other browsers?

Sorry, I don’t use a bookmark manager (although I use lots of bookmarks), so I’m not familiar with your application.

Can anyone else on the forum help with Mojo’s questions?

If I understand your questions, you want to a) save URLs from DA to URL Manager Pro and b) have DA read your URL Manager Pro bookmark file for inclusion in the “Go” menu and in the bookmark drawer.

a) No way to save bookmarks directly from DA to any application as bookmarks are currently read-only in DA. Here is how I save bookmarks from DA-might work for you also if URL Manager Pro appears in your Services menu.

  1. Select the URL in DA
  2. Choose “Open URL in OmniWeb” from the Services menu
  3. Bookmark the URL in OmniWeb

b) If you want to use your URL Manager Pro bookmarks in DA, I see no other way to do it currently other than to export/import from URL Manager to Safari, and have DA read your Safari bookmarks.

I suppose you could automate this with an AppleScript.

Thanks much for the suggestions. I’m going to see what will work best for me…it sounds like I will need to change the way I do things just a bit.