Safari Bookmarklets and iPhone Smart Groups

I just wanted to say that the Safari Bookmarklets are amazing.

I also like that the iPhone web app allows Smart Groups to work. This is awesome. Searching my DT database with an iPhone is a big perk.

I did have one issue with a Safari bookmarklet. I often use the Arc90 Readability bookmarklet to make online reading easier (It’s very similar, but different from Instapaper).

I can save Safari webarchives in the Readability format. However when using the DEVONthink “Archive” bookmarklet, the Readability version is not saved to the DT inbox. Instead I just get the original website version with all the ads, images, and formatting intact. Maybe this could be addressed in the future, or another bookmarklet made to capture what the screen sees and not the original website. I only bring this up because I can save the Readability version using Safari.

Maybe nothing needs to be done at all because if I use the “HTML” bookmarklet, then the Readability version saves properly, and the file is of a smaller size as a bonus.

I know it’s still a beta, but more stability improvements would be welcome as I still get the occasional DT web server crash or iPhone new note crash. I just use MobileMe Back to My Mac to quit and restart the DT application on the web server, and all is good again.

Great job so far. The new features really make a big, big difference.

That’s unfortunately impossible, Safari doesn’t provide access to its data and therefore DEVONthink has to download & render the pages on its own. The results might be different from the original if the page is the result of posting a form or if it requires certain cookies (like a login).

With Readability, there is a print button off to the left of the page. I’ve taken to printing the Readability page and then using the Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro script. It gives basically the same advantages as Archive. I highly recommend it, although it obviously won’t work on the iPhone, but the saved PDF should still display.