Safari Clipper gives odd results

I cannot for the life of me figure out what the web clipper is doing, from Safari to DT.

If I clip as a Bookmark, it gives me the actual page with active links – potentially useful except for ads, popups and the now-ubiquitous cookies permission.

If I clip as a web archive – it gives me exactly the same thing as a bookmark (I thought it would be static, but it’s as live and annoying as a bookmark)

If I do either “clutter free” It reduces the article images to tiny thumbnails.

If I clip as a PDF (either one page or multi) It strips out all the images except the first one.

If I clip as an HTML page it is basically garbage

If I clip as Markdown it reduces the images to tiny thumbnails.

Is this normal? Is this just the way it works?


OS 10.13.6, Safari 11.1.2, DEVONThink3

You don’t give a URL for anyone to check it out. It’s really a function of the source web page. In today’s world there are all kinds of complicated web pages with different methods to present you something. It’s complicated.

For the pages I keep I routinely “print” to “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3” which is under the OSX Print/PDF button. Normally I print the Safari Reading view to cut down on the “clutter”. But works just as well printing it all (but sometimes the files sizes with images, esp adverts, is larger than I tolerate).

Sorry, here’s the page in question. Though I’ve tried it with other pages and the same results:

I don’t have “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3” as an option (I do have “[…]to Evernote”).
Any idea how to get that?

Don’t know, frankly. Thought it installed automagically by DEVONthink. I have DEVONthink Pro Version 3.6.3. First step check Menu: DEVONthink/Install Add-ins and see if “PDF Services” is installed (for me it is and maybe this the setup … dunno).

Meantime, surely you can from Safari print to PDF file, then drag/drop or import the file into DEVONthink. this is what I did for your URL (see attached).Brian Minter: Amazing varieties of Dogwoods | Vancouver Sun.pdf (11.5 MB) You can see it works. As this method works for me the vast majority of times, I’m no longer familiar with all the other ways. Muscle memory, I guess.

Thanks for this workaround.

In Safari, go to File/Print/ then click down on the PDF selection and choose edit. Then add DT3 from the applications folder. Now the PDF will save directly to DT.

As rmschne mentions, every page for clipping is a wild guess because of various coding. I usually use web archive or formatted note but sometimes I have to choose rich text. Sometimes you have to uncheck the clutter-free option because it removes too much. Then I reformat the clipped page to my liking. As with Evernote, I never just clip. I always modify it to my preference.

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@WnFig. Safari File/Print/Edit … like I said, “magic”. Never saw that button (or maybe I did once). Magic. Thanks.

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Frankly, I wouldn’t call it a “workaround”. It’s how it works.

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Aha! Thank you.