Safari clipper/Sorter Issue

This is reproducible with the following steps:

Click the Clip to DEVONthink icon in Safari. Here’s the URL I was using,

This opens and populates the appropriate Sorter fields as expected.

Type some text in the Body section of the Sorter, but don’t click Add yet. In this case, I wanted to copy and paste more text from the article as a description.

Click back in Safari to select text. This closes the Sorter as expected. What I didn’t expect was that all the other information in the sorter would be lost when I reopened the sorter. My expectation was that I would be able to pick back up where I left off. This is the way the Sorter normally functions, opening and closing in its most recent state until I click Add.

I am not seeing the same results here, the Sorter restores the already entered information as expected. Are you running on macOS Mojave or an earlier version?

Are you saying the Sorter opens to the Web Clip view and the infomation is gone?
The Sorter opens at the last used state, but switching it to Web Clip shows the info preserved.

Here’s a video:

I think I see what is happening. I didn’t notice that it wasn’t opening in the Web Clip view. My bad. Upon clicking on the Web Clip view (last icon to the right in the Sorter) my notes are there, just as they should be. Now I wonder why the clipper is opening in the Take Note view. Any ideas?

Still not seeing an issue…

What OS are you running?
Does it persist after relaunching DEVONthink ?
Does it persist after a machine reboot?

macOS Mojave
Version 10.14.5

I’ll relaunch then test, followed by reboot then test.

I understand it now.

The point of confusion for me was when I clicked the Clipper in Safari, it was opening the Web Clipper in the Sorter. When I clicked back in Safari to copy some text, then clicked the Sorter directly, it was opening the Text Clipper, which looks similar to the Web Clipper. Had I noticed and clicked the Web Clipper, my prior text was still there. Got it, now.

As I suspected in my previous post. Glad to hear it’s figured out now :slight_smile:

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