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  • Use case: trying to make DTTG work as a private bookmark manager :slightly_smiling_face:
  • As unfortunately one cannot save links directly into the targeted group in DTTG i thought to try out the split screen by having Safari and DTTG open
  • Testing Safari + DTTG in split screen with drag and drop creates empty text document titled “Pasted Document” without any content

Expected behaviour: by dragging an url from Safari to DTTG, DTTG creates a bookmark link instead of empty “Pasted Document”


Development would have to assess this as DEVONthink To Go processes the data sent by the source application.

Do you have a particular group in a particular database you’re making your bookmarks repository in?

Thank you. If this is helpful, some more details:

  • an empty text document tilted “Pasted Document” is created
  • it preserves (correctly) the URL (in its metadata) if you click the Info button in DTTG3 which indicates that DTTG does indeed get the information from Safari - just not converts its into the appropriate format being the bookmark.

Do you have a particular group in a particular database you’re making your bookmarks repository in?

No (one single) particular group. Rather instead i was interested to see if by drag&drop I can overcame the inability to save directly into intended group by using the DTTG clipper. Ideally I want to save/preserve the bookmarks in the relevant project groups, i.e. multiple groups where all other project material lives.

Provided this would work, would allow to treat DTTG as a bookmark manager extension “on the go” (to DT3 which handles this use-case absolutely fine).

Understood but not the same OS, not the same app :wink:
There’s an issue on file about this.

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This is something that has been an annoyance for me for quite a while. When you mention ‘an issue on file’ what does that mean??

It means just that: there is report of the issue on file in Development.

I might misunderstand what you mean, but I think you can with Shortcuts.

  • Open Shortcuts
  • Create a new shortcut called ‘Bookmark in DTTG’ (or whatever you like)
  • Enable the share sheet in the shortcut
  • Add ‘Get URLs from Input’ action
  • Add DTTG ‘Create item’ action
  • Set type to bookmark, add title and choose location (this is what you want I think)
  • Click the > button to show more options
  • Set URL to the output if the ‘Get URL from Input’ action using a magic variable

Then open Safari, open some webpage, click the share button, choose the ‘Bookmark in DTTG’ action and the bookmark should be created in the location you defined.

You can add all kind of elements to enhance this shortcut to your liking of course.

I thought it… and you said it. :wink:

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Thank you. Correct me if I am wrong but your method is using a fixed folder/group.

What I normally need is not a fixed location but a folder which might change depending on a project.

Based on my experience with Shortcuts, this is not possible with DTTG.

This set of actions does, as it only was meant as a general suggestion for you or others to build on.

Create a new shortcut
Optionally add Ask for Input action
Add Find Items action
Search for ? and set the search scope (optionally change query to manual input)
Add Choose from List action
Add DTTG Create Item action and set location to output of Choose from List action

What your specific situation requires is obviously impossible to guess from your initial information, but you can setup Shortcuts to let you choose from a certain location and use that location to create a document.

It might be you need to change your database organization to narrow down the search query in step 4 as the wildcard ? will output all items and that might result in a large list of possible locations. But if you happen to have a group called Projects that contains projects by reference numbers, you might search for a specific number in optional step 2 or setup menus in Shortcuts. Be creative and you’ll undoubtedly find a way :grinning:

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