Safari extension can't be installed after 2.8.7 update

Updated to DTPO 2.8.7 and immediately got an error message from Safari (version 9, on El Capitan) saying "Safari can’t install this extension. An error occurred while installing the extension ‘Clip to DEVONthink’. "

That’s unfortunately a random issue of Safari on El Capitan. On some systems the extension can be installed, on others not. But the extension will be also available in the Safari extensions gallery soon and hopefully that will be more reliable.

Random - is that based on your own testing? User reports? Wonder what determines success or failure? Guess I’ll wait for the “gallery” version …

User reports and our attempts to replicate the issue consistently (which we have NOT been able to do).

Based both on our experience and user reports.

Any idea when this will be corrected? I really miss having this feature available.

Thank you

Go to … 679S2QUWR8


I unsuccessfully tried to install the extension from DTPO and from Safari’s extension site (I see no option to install the extension, see attachment).

Is this a known issue in El Capitan? is there a workaround?