Safari extension not clipping as pdf

Under DTPO and Safari in El Capitan, the clipping extension fails to create a paginated PDF under that setting. It produces only a bookmark to the page. All the other clipping settings seem to work as expected.

Mark Paul

Interesting. I’m still on Yosemite. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I clipped a page to a “one page” pdf, and instead got a link to the webpage. Since then, I’ve clipped more webpages, and the pdf mechanism works just fine. So it’s this single page that does it.

Also noteworthy that I was still using DTPO 2.8.6, not the latest update. So neither DT nor OS X had been upgraded.

Update: I just upgraded to DTPO 2.8.7 (but still on OS 10.10.5), and tried the same webpage again; this time I got my one-page pdf.

If the extension runs into a problem, it will clip a Bookmark as a fallback. Try other web pages. If it continues, reboot your machine. It it continues beyond that, please start a Support Ticket.