Safari extension not working after DTPO update

I just updated to v2.3.5 of DTPO and now my safari extension is no longer activating the clip page. Any clue why?

Actually ALL of the extensions are currently broken in the DTPO 2.3.5 update.

If you clip a page as a note, it will work.

If you clip a page as any other option (Web Archive, PDF, PDF paginated, etc) it will always save it as a “bookmark” instead.

Please fix this as the product has become unusable at the moment.

Thanks Pete.

I find it disappointing that no one from DevonTech has responded to this question.

That said, I just retested and now the extension is working. I’m on Safari 5.1.6

They are all working here. ( DtPO 2.3.5, Safari 5.1.7, OS 10.7.4)

If I had this problem, I would reinstall the extensions from the menu bar > ‘Install Add-ons’ and in Safari I would check if there is not an older extension that conflicts with the latest version which is v 1.2.1, see Safari > Preferences > Extensions.

And maybe you want to delete the cache, menu bar > DEVONthink Pro (Office) > Empty cache.

While the forums are a great place to find help and support and while DEVONtech is also active here, you will get official support via opening a support case, see menu bar > Help > ‘Support assistant’ or ‘contact us’.

Thanks guys.

I uninstalled DTPO, all DT extensions (Safari/Chrome/Firefox).
Reinstalled DTPO & all DT extensions.

Seems to be working fine now.

Also running. DtPO 2.3.5, Safari 5.1.7, OS 10.7.4