Safari not displaying Desktop view

When I try to access my databases from Safari, when loading Desktop View, I get a quick glimpse of the DEVONthink logo, then a plain white screen. If I go to the location bar and enter “Search” I get the simple, Google-looking search page and can see the results. Clicking “Browse” brings me back to a plain screen.
Desktop view is working perfectly on Firefox on the same computer.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Agree. Over here the DTPO server doesn’t work in Safari 5.1.1 or Chrome 13.x (DT logo flashes on the screen then the page is blank), but does work in Firefox 7.x.

Ok, it’s a relief to know that it’s not something I had (or hadn’t) done. I’m very new to the program, but I’m loving it.

Getting the same result - no display on Desktop view under Safari 5.1.1. Is there a fix for this?