Safari (Panther) use of Command-/ shortcut

I make a lot of use of DEVONthink’s Lookup service from Safari. Unfortunately, the latest version of Safari under Panther has preempted DEVONthink’s shortcut for Lookup, “Command-/”. I’ve sent Apple a “bug report” about this, but don’t have high hopes.

Users are best served when there is consistency across applications for Services shortcuts. Is there anything DEVONtechnologies can do about this?


the only thing we could do is to modify the shortcut (as the shortcut is identical in all applications: service definitions are just static XML files!). But as the number of shortcuts is limited and application shortcuts have a higher priority than service shortcuts, this would probably cause other problems.

Generally, the Services vs. application shortcuts issue is high on the list of things that bother me about OS X.

The Keyboard Shortcuts tab of Keyboard & Mouse preferences in 10.3 can (sometimes) be used to change application shortcuts so they won’t conflict with Services shortcuts.  I discovered a few problems with it in my limited experience testing on systems at Honolulu’s Apple store; I don’t run Panther yet.

I’m hoping that’ll eventually be extended for changing Services shortcuts, similar to Blacktree, Inc’s Service Menu Manager, and preferably without modifying the XML files under application directories.  I have no idea (yet) how the new application shortcut modifications are implemented.

I’m encouraged by this change.  If nothing more it allows adding a global shortcut for Window->Zoom(!) which I’ve always thought <command>-Z would be obvious for.  Interestingly, Keyboard Shortcuts won’t allow its use.  Maybe there’s some legacy behind that shortcut?

For the benefit of those who are not also following this topic on the CP NoteBook forum, I have used QuicKeys to create a shortcut to override Safari’s use of Cmd-/ and return it to lookup in DEVONthink. Tex-Edit Plus also uses the Cmd-/ keystroke (for check spelling) if anyone is interested.