Safari PDFS

Ok so I have a small problem. Im using devon think server accessing the DB using safari web browser.

My problem is that whilst some machines will open the PDF within the browser window other machines will not. They download the pdf and open in preview. Ive been trailing through the preferences without any luck.

Has anybody and past experiences of this?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Cheers :unamused:

Do you use the same browser & OS on all machines? E.g. Safari 1.x of Mac OS X 10.3.9 can’t display PDF documents without third-party plugins.

thrid party plugins? can you be more specifc? which plugins?

E.g. the Adobe Reader Internet plug-in. But it’s not necessary for Mac OS 10.4.x “Tiger” - Safari 2 (and other applications using its engine, e.g. DEVONagent) is able to display PDF documents without this plug-in.

Prior to OS X 10.4.x Safari and other browsers required a plugin to view PDFs in the browser window.

One of the better plugins is the Shubert PDF Browser Plugin. It’s free for personal and educational use. See

If you install Adobe Reader or Acrobat a PDF viewer plugin will automatically be installed on your computer. As the Adobe plugin seems to be incompatible with Apple’s PDFKit, I immediately delete the Adobe plugin from my computers.

Beginning with OS X 10.4.x PDF viewer plugins are no longer necessary in order to view a PDF in Safari.