Safari plugin adding entire group to tags?

I clipped two webpages today using DTP’s Safari plugin, and when I added keywords, DTP added the actual group where I was sending the clipping to the tag. Since I new to DTP, it could have been my error, but if so, I can’t for the life of me figure out where I went wrong…

  1. Click “Clip to DEVONThink” Safari plugin
  2. Choose “Africa” group from top-most dropdown
  3. Add tags
  4. Choose “Web archive”
  5. Choose “clip”
  6. Tab to DTP and find entire “Africa” group listed under each tag added using plugin.

Surely this is not “working as intended”? I want to add the webpage to the group while tagging it. If I’ve missed something, let me know. Otherwise, I’m utterly confused.

PS I was able to trash the group (and empty trash) from the tag without trashing the group from the database. Is this normal?

Examine File > Database Properties. If you have unchecked the option to exclude groups from tagging, that will be the result. Depending on your preferences and workflows, you may or may not find the result desirable - it’s up to you.