safari script add page changes current note focus


I’m using the sctipt to add a page to DT. When its added it opens up and replaces whats in my current tab. it is added and then opened. focus is in a smart folder. may it doesn’t happen in when not in a smart folder, I haven’t tried it in a while.


Scripts select always the created stuff. You could either use Go > Back to navigate to the previous document or use bookmarklets instead.


Any way for it not to? I haven’t looked at the script yet to see how to modify it. Not sure if its a part of the script or of DT.

This can’t be changed right now, records created via AppleScript are always selected.

Hi Christian,

got it. I haven’t looked so I’m not sure. If the open note is not yet saved, and then focus changes to a just imported document, is what I was editing lost? No need to answer, I’ll try it out.