Safari Services Menu Gone?

Running Mac OS X 10.6.8 Safari 5.0.5

Suddenly the services menu in Safari no longer has anything. Including all my DT services.

I’ve gone into System Preferences, Keyboard, Services and verified that all the services are checked as installed and available.

While I realize it’s probably not a DT problem, I’m hoping someone here who uses services a lot can point me to some way to fix it.

Did you select a part of the content on the current webpage before opening the Services menu? If there is not an active selection the Services menu on Safari will be empty.

I apologize if you were already aware of this, and my non-advice seemed stupid. But sometimes it’s the little details that escape us.

When I started using DT I had a few moments of confusion due to exactly this behavior with the Services menu.

Yes, and also tried the resetting of the PDB using terminal that is suggested in some reports of the problem, log out and in, re-installed Safari, turn off then turn on all services in the keyboard preferences, checked and repaired permissions and more.

Still not working.

Also no services in any other application either.

As I said I know it’s not really a DT issue but DT is the only place I normally use services so I see it there.

Seems to be a known problem but no permanent fixes as far as I can tell.