Safari web clipper saving only "web internet location" now?

I have used the “Clip to DEVONthink” Safari extension and “Add to DEVONthink” in the Safari share sheet extensively, and with great results. I most often choose the clutter-free web archive for articles saved from the web. Today I tried saving a web archive, and the saved document was a “web internet location”. I tried several other options, including plain text, rich text, and PDF, and all of them produced the same “web internet location,” which basically acts as a bookmark. No text or images are stored locally as in the past.

Has anyone experienced this or something similar?

This has been discussed many times on these forums.

If you’re getting persistent bookmarks when capturing as other formats, reboot the machine.

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Thank you very much for the advice. All set now.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: