Safari Web Clipper Text Only Issue

I used the WebClipper in DT2 to capture Song Lyrics as txt.

This was simple:
I selected the text on the page and clicked the WebClipper.
The selected text was automatically copied to the text pane of the Clipper.
When I clicked the “Add” button the Clipper saved a txt file in the desired group with the selected text as content.

The new WebClipper opens the new Sorter, copies the title and the URL, but not the selected text.
If I click the “Add” Button I only get an empty txt file.
To import the text, I have to drag-and-drop it manually to the comment field which slows down my workflow significantly.

Is there a setting or a keyboard shortcut to achieve the old behaviour?

In DEVONthink preferences, select the Sorter tab and there is an option to enter a copy select hotkey. Once you have entered a unique system wide hotkey, you can select any text and use the hotkey to generate a note.

Thank you, aedwards! But then I have to remember the hotkey and take care for conflicts with hotkeys other applications might establish. Since I use thise feature intensively when I need it but not everyday, I would prefer to use the WebClipper extension icon in Safari. I’ll try to post a feature request.

Bumping this issue. Using DT on Safari to collect highlighted text & URL and make a new note was my most-used clipping function. Why has it disappeared?

You could use the Take Plain/Rich Note services instead.

Thanks, Christian. I use the Services clipping functions, but they are compromised too - you can’t direct them to a particular group, and I can’t choose Markdown as a default format.

Being able to clip atomic pieces of text + URL via the Sorter, and then drop them exactly where you needed them in a database, used to be one of Devonthink’s superpowers. I hope that functionality makes a return.

Did you enable the group selector in Preferences > Files > Import? In addition, there’s also a service for Markdown (see System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services)

I had the group selector enabled, but wasn’t aware that a service for Markdown had been included. And it pulls up the group selector!

Thank you, exactly what I was after.

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