Safe and efficient file management

What should I do to manage my files safely and efficiently?

  1. Save the created file in the Finder folder
  2. Import (copy) files in Finder to DEVONthink
  3. Search, view and edit files with DEVONthink
  4. Export database: File> Files and Folders
  5. Save the original file, database file, and export file as backups

Do you have any other good ideas?

What is the purpose of step 4?

A good backup plan should cover your bases.
You can also do an occasional File > Verify & Repair. We blogged about this:

I am particular about exporting because I am concerned that I will not be able to retrieve the edited file from the database. I have no experience using software like DEVONthink, so I am looking for a more reliable answer.

so I am looking for a more reliable answer.

A more reliable answer to… what?